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    Qeti Kvatadze (vendredi, 01 septembre 2017 00:55)

    Hello, I’ve listened to your album from top to bottom and I loved it. Tamriko send me this album.
    I’ve never heard that kind of versions before. Mostly I liked “ASHOCHELA”; “INDI MINDI” and “IAVNANA” versions. In one word you are Great. Thanks to you and to Tamriko.

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    Mchedlishvili (dimanche, 30 juillet 2017 10:02)

    Thank you very much to each member of the Ensemble Samshabati! Your extraordinarily performance made the Georgian polyphony even more amazing. Your performance showed me the Georgian polyphony from other angles. It was the wedding of the east-south-west tunes.I would like to wish you all the energy and dedication needed to succeed and prevail in your important cause.
    Amazing job !!!

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    Nana (mardi, 03 janvier 2017 15:52)

    Singing Georgian polyphonic songs is not an easy task let alone pronouncing some of the Georgian words. It must be especially hard for foreign vocal cords and yet, Samshabati performs a miracle! Listening to the songs transforms you to the world of musical celebration. Beautiful voices add extra value to the great performance. Bravo!!! Congratulations, Samshabati and thank you!

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    Briffault Virginie (dimanche, 06 novembre 2016 15:08)

    Bonjour à toutes .
    Je voulais vous dire bravo pour ce super concert hier soir à Pont Du Château.
    Félicitation pour votre premier CD et j' espère que d'autres suivrons.
    Merci et à bientôt